Sunday, 3 August 2014

Project 52 Week 31

Another hot week. The humidity is becoming a little trying-especially if you have to go to work!  The weather is continuing to charm the tourists, and the students are all in full holiday mode.


I didn't have any new students in my classes, except for the afternoon Business English Class, and I won't meet them until tomorrow. We had a discussion about the inspection, but it appears that we have met all the criteria for the last inspection recommendations, so nobody is too worried yet. We still have a couple of weeks to go. I decided to get my assignment for Vicki Hollett out of the way, as I'd like to have my certificate in my file quickly if possible. I got the iTDi agreement to do so, and stayed at my computer for hours trying to put it all together. I dug out the big fan to try to cool the office down, but it really struggled to do the job.


Another day- another dollar. Still lots of interesting things happening in the MOOC, but I can only catch them in the evening. The cats have taken to eating in the utility room, where the tiled floor is nice and cool. The water cooler is a great idea, and both cats like moving water, so it was a good buy. I managed to get a good picture of Maisie this week. She was sitting between the sitting room and the dining room. You can see the difference in the floor colours. I stencilled the dining room floor many years ago, and people keep thinking it is original:-) In the evening I finished off my assignment and sent it winging its way to Boston, with a copy to Japan. It still amazes me how small the world is.


My two Business students are engineers, and they wanted to go on the excursion to Elizabeth Castle with the students who have no afternoon classes . I agreed, as the construction of the castle developed from the 16th to the 20th centuries, and is very interesting. We took the coach with the other students and staff, and then set off on our own to look around, talk engineering(!) and generally increase my students' vocabulary etc. It felt like a lazy afternoon, but actually I worked longer and  just as hard as usual.


I got up early to water the garden. It was all looking a bit droopy in the heat. The Canna Lilies are starting to flower. They are so beautiful. In the evening I was amazed and thrilled to receive my certificate in an email, together with a lovely letter of recommendation from Vicki. Unfortunately, My printer was out of ink, so it will have to wait until the weekend before I can hold it in my hand.


Malcolm had the car again, so he picked me up when I finished work. As I was later than usual, it looked as if we might get stuck in the traffic. We decided to head out West instead to find an ice cream. We saw a little van at the edge of the sand dunes and stopped for a few minutes.


Today was a day for gardening. I gave all the plants a bit of a trim, and M helped me set up an arch as support for the plants against the back wall. At some point we are going to remove the vine. It is over 40 years old and produces plenty of leaves, but little in the way of grapes, these days. Everything looks better now, so we can get in to see what needs watering better. The cats discovered that there was an area of catmint they had forgotten about, and had a great afternoon playing in it while I worked.


I dropped M and Cairis down to the boat and popped round to the fish centre for some lobster for dinner. I've planned a great big salad, which will keep everyone happy, as it's really too hot to have much of an appetite. My next job will be to organise a trip for the beginning of September. We have decided to go to Crete for a few days.

Roll on week 32- holiday in week 36:-) Just to finish I've added a picture of  one of our trees which I took this morning. I thought it was quite pretty with the sun shining through it.


  1. Many congratulations on successfully completing your business online course. What a great achievement, and it must be lovely to add the certificate to your glowing CV, I am sure!
    Looks like you have done a lot of work in the garden - it is so satisfying when it looks so much neater after all the hard work. We have a couple of grapevines which have gone a bit rampant and also producing more leaves than grapes, sadly, so will need to do a big pruning at some stage.
    Enjoy week 32!

  2. Thanks. Will blog about the course when I get a minute :-)