Sunday, 10 August 2014

Project 52 Week 32

 We've had an interesting week weather-wise. The promised rain arrived during the night on both Tuesday and Wednesday, giving the gardens a much-needed break. The bigger problem was Hurricane Bertha, slowly making her way across the Atlantic :-(


I spotted this on my way to work this morning. Today is the anniversary of the start of WW1, and the islands, as many other places are commemorating their war dead. In the evening we had a candlelight vigil and a ceremony in the Royal Square. Some of my students went, but I stayed home- and switched all my lights off at 11.00pm as requested. It was odd to see no lights on anywhere.


A slight change to my week. I started yesterday with a new class, but as we have our inspection coming up, the powers-that-be decided to use me to finished off the reports, so I reluctantly handed my class over to a colleague. At lunchtime everyone was quiet. Some had been doing peer observations and had disappeared into a classroom to discuss their findings. The rest of us sat quietly planning, eating or reading the paper. It rained during the night so my garden really perked up.


I arrived home to find M sanding down the front door. It had been looking a little scruffy, and now looked even worse, but you could see that it was a work in progress anyway. I stayed late at work to interview a couple of people for my TESOL course in October, but didn't accept either of them. One interesting thing- I was invited to do some teacher training in Georgia, ex USSR. It's a cool idea, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to get there. The association's reps are coming over soon, so we can sit down together and see if it is a viable idea. The forecast was for rain overnight again- one less job to do. I spent some time catching up with the iTDi sessions.


My flowers were looking funky so I took some pictures from a funny angle while I was sitting down with a coffee.
 The big gladioli always remind me of Dame Edna :-)
I really don't think you can have too many flowers in the house, but I like the fact that I can buy so many from the little stall for so little money- especially as they need replacing every week.


I stayed late at work to finish the stock check for next week. We have booked our holiday to Crete, and Marisa will be there at the same time for a wedding, so we should be able to catch up-yay! Just a few more weeks to go. Cairis is talking about working in Italy next-she has been looking for a job that appeals. On leaving work I realised that it was raining- heavily- and of course,I didn't have a coat with me. I arrived home like a drowned rat. Tomorrow should be better and maybe the door will get finished.


Today was warm and sunny again, so I wandered down into town to meet my friend for coffee. She has just split up from her husband of many years, and needs to know that her friends are there for her.
When I got home, I found the door was turning a different colour! I'm not sure if I like the blue- and I did ask for it to all be the same colour, not a white surround. I'll live with it a bit before I complain though :-)


I woke during the night to thunderous rain which had completed stopped by the morning. On the other hand- the wind was phenomenal! Ex-Hurricane Bertha's tail had hit the island. The white horses on the water were fun to watch- but I'm glad that my colleague was doing the chaperoning of the YLs back to St Malo, and not me. I hope that he gets back safely tonight. The trees in the garden were being blown about and even the seabirds couldn't land elegantly.
Onwards and upwards
Fingers crossed for next week. The inspection should be fine, but everyone is a bit stressed.

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  1. Great videos of the effect of the hurricane - as I write it hasn't here here yet, and hope it continues this way.... I really like the new door colour, it's a lovely shade of blue - very calming!
    Best of luck for the inspection - fingers all crossed for you!
    Please say hi to Marisa if you do see her in Crete :-)
    Roll on week 33!!