Monday, 25 August 2014

Project 52 week 34

Week 34- the year is galloping along:-) They will soon have things for the big C in the shops. The weather this week was seriously changeable.


This week everyone was a lot  less stressed. The inspection appears to have gone well, although we won't get the report until October. When I finished work I took one of my students to the old German bunker at Noirmont. The views from the headland are pretty spectacular on a clear day. The island's coastline is peppered with bits of German concrete, leftovers from the Occupation. It would be pointless to remove them as, apart from the difficulty and the cost, it is part of Jersey's history.


A wet one today. Both this week's students are in fashion; one is a designer and the other a saleswoman of designer handbags. I will need to do a bit of research on their subjects, although it's lucky that I have them, and not one of my male colleagues:-)
Today I drove along the West coast, past the lighthouse at Corbiere. The old lighthouse keeper's cottage is still there, but the tower is automated now, so it is just a family home. I don't think I would like to live there- they must be really isolated- and get buffetted by the waves at high tide.


Thank goodness- a dry day. The Jersey Lilies ( amaryllis belladonna) are in flower at the moment. They are quite different from Guernsey lilies ( nerine sarniensis) which have leaves. These were in the garden at the college, but they are everywhere on the island at the moment.


Today my business students were doing some text analysis. We started with a matching exercise with words of different register. They enjoyed it and it was a nice kinaesthetic activity to stop them falling asleep after lunch. I spent most of my day in meetings, when I wasn't in class- it was a loong day!


A short day at work is great on a Friday, as the weekend starts fast. It was useful today as the Ceilidh Band had a birthday party to play for. We don't often do things on a Friday any more. It was one of the farming families from one of the Eastern Parishes, who were celebrating a slew of events at the same time. It was a fun evening with great people
and the food was excellent.


M has gone to help organise the weekend sailing races for the Jeux des Isles. I had to stay home for a couple of workmen, and my neighbour brought me some rhubarb. There is a bbq for the young sailors later on, so Cairis and I went out for a bite to eat. Tonight's ceilidh was cancelled, so we were free for a change.





My friend won a competition for a platter of seafood. As she lives alone, she decided to share it with my family and invite herself to dinner. The company delivered the food at lunchtime, so I spent the afternoon preparing salads, and making mayonnaise etc. L is gluten intolerant, so I always cook fresh food and make sure that she can eat everything. The evening was a great success, but the fruits de mer had to be finished by the furkids as everyone was full.

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  1. The seafood platter looks amazing! I bet the furkids had a great time polishing it all off :-))